As She Prays: Rekindling Intimacy with God

Prayers release Power

As She prays is a devotional book that is being used to call women to position themselves in a posture of prayer. God is ready to do a new thing in and through us. There is an assignment that each of us have to fulfill and there are people waiting on us to be in the proper position. The power that is needed to overcome current and future circumstances is housed on the inside of a believer waiting to be released. It is released through times of prayer and intimacy. 

Repositioned in prayer. Postured for greatness 

Sometimes the things that brings us to our knees are tools used to crush the new wine out of us. I think of the time where Jesus is in the garden of gasenme  and He is asking the disciples can they pray for at least one hour. Yet the disciples did what many of us do from time to time and fell asleep on their assignment.

Prayer availeth much. 

It is the prayer of the righteous that avails much. It is when a woman chooses to express her total dependence on God that her prayers are heard and answered. When she prays her prayers tug on Heaven and demands for it to  release the kingdom here on the earth. She is aware that she is a daughter of the King and that she will never lack no good thing. For the earth is her Father’s footstool and everything in it was made by the power of His words. She walks in authority because she know that she was created in His very image and she has the power of life and death in her tongue. So, when she prays she isn’t just saying words with little to no meaning but she is bringing life to dead places. As she prays she is putting illnesses, sickness, and disease in it’s place. As she prays she is regaining control over areas if her life that has been robbed from her previously. 

Whenever you pray you are choosing to be in direct communication with God. Prayer is like a match it can light a fir in your soul that cannot be easily quenched. 

Prayer is our weapon. 

Prayer is our garment.

Prayer releases power. 

The power of the word.

The power of the tongue. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. 

3 Day Devotionals


 ROMANS 5:8 (KJV) ‘But God commendeth his love toward s, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’

We have a father who loves us so much that he chose to give himself up for us. His love is so deep that we were still wallowing in the pit of our sins, still lost in darkness when he decided we needed saving. 

When we look at the boundless love He has for us, the way He brought heaven and His Son down to earth just so that we can be saved, we can only say that it is overwhelming. The nature of God’s love is that it is excess and that is why He always finds a way to reach out to every child that is suffering in the pits of addiction or sin. The question is that, will you allow yourself to be found?

The love of God is revealed in the death and resurrection of His Son. Most of us haven’t comprehended the depth, and height of God’s love. Daily, He calls us to s to come up hither: to come and experience the beauty of His Love. 

KEY POINT: We have a father who loved us while we were yet sinners, and still loves us now, irrespective of what we think we have done. His love still stretches out to us, calling us to come. 

PRAYER POINT: Lord, I yield myself to be ruled by your eternal love for me. My heart is filled with that love.



BIBLE VERSE: John 13;35 (KJV) “By this shall all [men] know that ye are disciples, if ye love one another.”


When the twelve disciples of Jesus got too Antioch, they were so loving, so compassionate, just as Christ was, that the people called them Christians. 

As believers, we have a mandate to love our neighbors like Christ did. Our intimacy with his love rubs off on us. It is like a perfme that can’t be contained. 

We have the fullness of God’s love, not to keep it to ourselves, but show it to others. 

And in showing the love, we are to give it to those who are supposedly undeserving of it; just as we were undeserving of God’s love. 

The people who hurt us are to be loved most, because what is love if we only show it to those whom are good to us? 

God’s love for us, and his love in us, compels us to love as he has loved us: with no fault. 

KEY POINT: We have a responsibility to love every person we come across. The love he has given strengthens us to love like Him. 

PRAYER POINT: I pray that daily I love like you and never get weary in my spirit. 

Day 3


BIBLE VERSE: 1 CORINTHIANS 13:7 (MSG) “Puts p with everything, Trusts God always, always looks for th best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end.”


The book of corinthains teaches us what love is and how love should be expressed amongst humans. The fact that we are expected to love like this: selflessly and without judgement, proves that he first loved us this way – and still loves us this way. He expects us to show the light of whom we are. 

As sons and daughter, because we have a father whose love endures all, we are admonished to always see love as sacrifice. Love is not always convenient. Love doesn’t happen because you feel like it. It happens when we choose. 

And because we have the love of God flowing us, that love that passes all human understanding, we too can love like Him. 

We are the branches and he is the vine. Therefore, whatever thing God possess, we also have those things flowing through us and in us.

KEY POINT: We are to love like him because he has given us his love. 

PRAYER POINT: Lord help me to love like you. Help me love my enemies and those who have offended me because that is what your love is. 

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