As She Thinks, She Becomes

Do you ever really think about what you are thinking about? Are you in control of your thoughts or are your thoughts controlling you? Paths are made through series of thoughts that we allow to be housed in our minds. Our minds is like the control center to our lives and destiny. That is why I often say if you show me your thoughts, I can show you who you are becoming. 

One thing that is popular at the beginning of each year is people awareness of their need of self development. Yet, the question to ask oneself is “how bad do you want to grow”? It is not enough to just talk about the changes you want to see and not establish anything new to see something new. If you want to develop and see lasting change you have to be willing to see what is hardwired inside of your mind.

When it comes to our minds, it is a highly powerful instrument. One of the reasons is because it houses the capability to control our thoughts and emotions and that will undoubtedly affect the way we choose to act.
It is a vital task for an individual to have an awareness of her concepts, thoughts and emotions.
Whenever a person is aware of the way they think, the idea of “becoming what you think in your heart” is not that hard to grasp. The reason behind this is that when you’re aware you are conscious of your thought patterns, and the thoughts that contribute to a set of emotions.
On the flip side of that, choosing to ignore your emotions and thoughts would only lead to a life of denial and suppression of feelings and thoughts, therefore posing the dangers and threats of erratic behavior.
Our thinking isn’t solely dependent on our thoughts and feelings alone. We tend to take on other people thoughts.
In general, the way thinking is, it’s a process that is made up of various parts. Part one is becoming aware of our emotions and feelings to choose the appropriate reaction for a particular scenario. How we react comes from how we played out the action in our minds. Look at the word respond, the (re) in the word means to do it again and act is to do something or to behave in a specific way. Therefore, the reaction is the individual merely behaving in the way they played it out in their thinking.
Let’s say an individual is acquainted with their thinking patterns, it will allow for the person to learn to associate their thoughts with their own identity.
At the point this is accomplished, it places an expectation on the individual to fully accept more of who they are and how they feel about the world around them.
Why is this important you ask? It is essential because it matters more how you view and see yourself.
Sometimes it is easier to look at someone else, and say what we think they meant by what they did. Sometimes we even go as far as saying that we know what others are thinking. In reality, we cannot know for sure what is going on in someone else’s mind.